Your IT Guy, Friend or Foe?

How do you choose the right IT person to optimize your website?
Search Engine top billing is realistic but it means hiring a team of IT professionals who have the know how to turn your vision into a productive reality.

No clearer place is there where the age old question, if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a noise, seem more relevant. Over the years, companies pay tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars to create and maintain a beautiful website. However, failing to attract viewers is the major roadblock faced by website designers and programmers. The bottom line, a website is only as successful as the size of the audience seeing it.

The Forbes article dated April 2012, titled "College Degrees With The Highest Starting Salaries", reads "the top earners among engineering grads are those who concentrate on computer engineering. They make a median of $68,000." The median college graduate earns $38,000 a year. According to College Market research there are over 500 colleges offering degrees in Computer Engineering and countless more Technological Schools graduating Engineers, Programmers and Web Designer. The market is saturated with IT professionals looking to take their share of the Internet bubble, however the supply of competent IT professionals still does not meet the demands of today’s business needs.

Today more than ever, small to medium size companies are on a leveled playing field for growth. Opportunities abound for businesses to gain recognition utilizing the various methods of marketing online. Intelligently designed websites, rated well by Google and the other search engines, attract tremendous visitors. Historically, only the large corporations could afford the mass media campaigns now available to the private sector. Choosing the best strategy to accomplish this objective has it’s limitation. While most companies with websites, and that pretty much includes everyone by now, want a presence online, understanding the complexities of attaining that goal is difficult.

Even small businesses are employing IT Professionals, either in house or as consultants. While the pool of Computer Engineers is growing exponentially every year, the quality of and know how is not equal. Knowing how to choose the right person or company for the job is like choosing the right doctor for yourself or the right architect for your house. The following are some points you may want to become familiar with before handing over your most valuable asset.

Become familiar with the credentials necessary to evaluate competence. This includes schooling, work history and success online. There are many Technology Schools that offer degrees in computer programming, however they are not accredited Universities or Colleges.

Often a programmer, with limited education and/or knowledge in writing software, will use an online template to create your site without fully understanding the need for compliance with SEO needs; there are about two hundred SEO factors dealing with html language validation, page speed, optimizing the web server for the browsers, using multiple servers to distribute the media etc.

The many variables include the size of your website. While many sites appear beautiful, using Heavy Graphics and Flash may slow down your load time unnecessarily. Another overlooked issue is the need to implement correct programming grammar in order for a the search engines to read them. There are several validation techniques that can monitor the efficacy of the programming language used to create an intelligent site. Understanding the intricacies of XML and it’s subsets Html4, Html5 and applying the W3C standards is crucial to writing a program that will enable search engines interpret your web page.

Keeping in mind the best use of keywords, meta tags, micro data, knowing when and if CDN is really necessary for your site and the number of requests needed to access your site (affects your page speed), are a few of the components you should become familiar with when speaking with an IT professional.

Even slight changes done incorrectly to your site can wreak havoc on your rating and translate into poor traffic. Remember, major Search Engines like Google, Bing and MSN are constantly evaluating your site for content, authenticity, and style, The ability for the Search Engines to evaluate and rate your site is taken from the language used to create your website.

In summary, the best way to a successful website is knowing the right questions to ask and placing your trust in an Internet Company with the right know how to market your business successfully.

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