Don’t Let Google Foreclose On Your Website

Have you paid your rent this month? Location, Location, Location is as true in search engine geography as it is in Real Estate. Think of your website as the most valuable piece of real estate you own. Virtual space is priceless in regards to what it can do for your business. Have you seen any homes listed at $462 billion or nearly half a trillion dollars? That is the estimated value of Apple. Microsoft jumps in at $257 billion and Google is catching up at $197 billion. Amazon rings in at $90 billion dollars and smaller companies like Odesk with an (Alexa is an internet company that has developed the infrastructure to process and serve massive amounts of data, including statistics, Related Links, traffic Rankings and more) ranking of 480 in the US, are worth upwards of $36 million dollars.

Businesses and individuals alike visit the web for books, art, clothing, music, jewelry, travel, real estate, technology, social and business networking, you name it. According to comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a global leader in measuring the digital world and preferred source of digital business analytics, there were 7.5 billion explicit core searches conducted in May 2012, with Google Sites ranking first with 11.7 billion. Microsoft Sites ranked second with 2.7 billion searches, followed by Yahoo! Sites with 2.3 billion. Ask Network garnered 521 million of the searches and Aol, Inc. came in a distant 268 million.

These numbers seem too astronomical to comprehend, but getting a bite out of this big apple is worth the investment. As your home or Real Estate investment needs TLC, so does your website. We all know that a beautiful home is only as good as its foundation and as strong as its structure. The same holds true for the most important marketing tool you have, your website. The world marketplace, whether we like it or not is being regulated by the search engine giants who determine where you are going on your journey through the web. True, there are thousands of pages you can search for the best of the best of anything to get the best price, products or services. But lets face it, whatever you are selling or searching for, it is not on the first half dozen or dozen pages, it is probably not getting much attention.

Google and the other Search giants in all their wisdom, are actually looking out for the best interest of the public. They want your site to have value, not just an empty shell with a pretty face. So we start at the core, not to be redundant, at the foundation. In order for Google to see your site, you need to create a behind the scene program that clearly defines your objectives. Then you need to implement those objectives in a way that is search engine friendly.

Optimizing your site for recognition is an attainable goal for any business willing to invest in a knowledgeable Information Technology Provider. In house IT crews can become prohibitively costly, that is why many companies are turning to consulting firms and outside Technology companies to assist them in creating or maintaining a visible presence on the web. These IT companies are now capable of managing remotely the needs of their clients by utilizing the many new technological advances available today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become the catchphrase for anyone interested in understanding the many complexities of a fruitful and healthy website. Many sites innocently tried to create backlinks to improve their ratings, without any consideration for the merits of those sites or the implication having negative links may have on them. In other words, these gimmicks among others used by web programmers to create unnecessary traffic, are no longer working. This is good news for Internet Technology Providers and for companies utilizing IT providers to have their opportunity to compete online. Following the multitude of variables and a full understanding of the ever changing algorithms demanded by Search Engines allows engineers to create a stable virtual environment that translates into a successful experience for Industry and consumer alike.

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