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Virtual Hosting


The Advantages Of Using Virtual Hosting

The term virtual hosting can be mixed up with cloud computing for a good reason. Virtual Hosting is actually one of the many options of cloud computing.

Traditionally, a physical server will be gagged by its hardware when taking into consideration ROI (Return on investment) is the main concern. As a result, a $10,000 server can turn into a door stop within a year or two. Virtual machines offer numerous advantages over their physical counterparts.

Hardware Flexibility, you can easily add or reduce the server’s memory, add or remove a processor, add a virtual disk or increase an existing disk’s size by shutting the VM down and changing it’s settings.

Snapshot Feature - lets you save the state of the server in case you need to restore it later on. This feature can be a real lifesaver when patching or upgrading applications on servers.

Server Management - Manageability of virtual servers is also easier because you can easily connect to the server's console remotely without the need for special remote access to the hardware.

Clone a Server - You can also easily clone virtual servers and create templates to quickly create new ones.

Hardware is consistent - virtual servers see the same virtual hardware (except for processors) regardless of the physical hardware that they are hosted on. This ensures that your applications all run on similar hardware to eliminate problems that may arise from dissimilar hardware.

Energy cost - The virtual server uses a fraction of the energy an equivalent physical server uses. You will see the savings on your utility bill. Phone: 516-829-5484 Fax: 516-829-2955 Copyright © 2016 ABT Internet,