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ABT is an Internet Technology Solution Provider that specializes in providing e-Business Solutions to enable companies to communicate mission critical information to clients,vendors and employees.

ABT can also connect your business to the internet, maintain a presence on the web, transact business, manage sales and inventory.

Our consistent efforts to remain on top of advances in technology enables us to provide you with cutting edge solutions to keep you and your business competitive in this dynamic marketplace.

From individual needs to business, ABT Internet can provide you with the tools to help you make informed decisions about the best solution for your needs.

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The ABT Internet team's creativity, wise counsel and attentive service has helped transform our web site into an effective communications vehicle for our organization. Our relationship with ABT Internet added value to what we do.
Scott B. Larsen
Scott B. Larsen. is Lane Mortgage,President.

Many years of prompt service
It has been many years since I have opened my ABT account and you have been a consistently excellent service provider. In fact, so much so that when I was asked who my ISP/ASP was, I jealously guarded that fact, especially when every other ISP in NY was experiencing multiple problems, and poor service delivery.?
D. Hammond
D. Hammond is a Unix Guru consultant with over 15 years of experience in Programming, TCP/IP and Internet.

Not just Hosting
While hosting our server, ABT has surpassed our expectations in servicing our needs. Without their assistance, we would have never known of a major database problem that they detected. Taking the time to troubleshoot and stabilize our system will save us a lot of trouble in the future.
L. Olsen, Omni Fine Art
L. Olsen is the IT Manager for the Omni Fine Art, Inc. company. Omni Fine art, Inc. is a host site for the Smithsonian art galleries.

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