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Development for SEO and API

Web Development for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


As attractive a web site it may be, will it attract enough visitors or buyers? The bottom line is, does your web site sell? This blog is about dealing with the bottom line. Your goal is: a. To attract more visitors to your web site b. Keeping your site rating up. Search engines and directories will increase the rating of your web site if your site reflects an optimized site. The term used for such sites is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, you need to create a web site which will be appealing to the visitors and to the search engines and directories. Search engines increase or decrease the rating of your site based on analysis run periodically on your web site. This blog is to discuss the way how to develop your web site to be SEO friendly. The higher the rating, the more likely the search engines will find you. There is a misconception that a good SEO is about tricking search engines. Your site needs to be quality site reflecting the contents it is promoting. If your clients and visitors like your site then google will rate it well as well. You need to represent to google and other search engine a clean site reflecting a core content with easy structure to read..



Web Development for Application Program Interface (API)


As your Web site becomes the center of your business, it needs to interface to other data sources as inventory, product location, delivery status, payment status etc. Updating your Web site manually is expensive and subject to errors. API is set of applications running in your server and interfacing with the program or data of the needed resource. The API can run every few minutes or hours and keep your data updated from multiple sources. Phone: 516-829-5484 Fax: 516-829-2955 Copyright © 2016 ABT Internet,