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Your Needs & Hosting

Hosting environment for your server can make it or break for your business. Your server and web site needs to be:What are your needs

It depends on the technology you want to deploy, it depends on the business requirements and costs of your situation.

If your business needs only require mostly static web-sites, you will probably be fine with one of the $10/month hosting accounts. On the other hand if you need a very dynamic environment where for one reason or another you potentially need to host multiple things in different virtual machines with the ability to scale the server(s) up (storage in addition to CPU), it is most likely that any of the existing hosting solutions will meet your needs.

When the level of flexibility increases then when you need a hosting environment that fits your need.

Can your computing resources increase (Storage and CPU) beyond the basic service?

If they do let you scale up your needs, are they as cost effective once you are using the whole box instead of a time-slice of it?

Can they support load-balance across more than 1 machine when you need more resources than a single box can handle?

Furthermore, its fairly important to look at these things in terms of the business situation. What’s the cost of being down for 8 hours? What’s the cost of having to do a few extra days of development to fit into the constraints of a hosting system? What’s the cost of hiring the ops guy to run your own machines? How much ops support are you really getting from the outsourced host? These factors can go either way- if you have a good hosting provider that matches your technology stack pick, that can be a big help.




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