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Cloud Computing

Why Use Cloud Computing?


Data In Your Cloud


Cloud computing is when there is a use of logical computational resources of data and/or software accessible via a computer device through WAN or Internet, rather than from a local Network. Your Personal Computer becomes a window into these logical resources. As an example your computer will be connecting to a Virtual Machine out there on the Internet (your Cloud provider) and use Microsoft Word from the Virtual machine and be able to save the file edited in either the “virtual machine out there” or in your local machine.

What are the benefit of accessing a Virtual Machine and not using your personal computer localy?
The virtual machine is on a stable resource (your cloud provider)
Your Virtual machine is maintained at your host site (reducing your IT cost)
Your Virtual machine software is updated by your provider (reducing your IT cost)
The Virtual machine hardware can be upgraded overnight seem-less to you.
You can access our virtual machine from home and work or any place you are; You just centralized your data and do not have to bother with copies of your data.

The virtual machine is backup by your host; your personal machine is reduced to a browser machine where it does not need extensive hardware resources (thin client).
The Return On Investment is clear as it reduce your personal IT cost and software licensing Phone: 516-829-5484 Fax: 516-829-2955 Copyright © 2016 ABT Internet,