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Cloud, Virtual Computing, Multimedia and SEO Services


Cloud Computing

Web Development for SEO & API

Virtual Computing

High End Hosting

services provided multimedia cloud computing Web Development Virtual Computing High End Hosting

Video Streaming, Live Webcast, Live online seminars, Recorded Online seminars, and Multimedia Presentation

Reducing your IT cost. Cloud Computing gives you access to your files out of your office and allows you to work from everywhere.

Search Engine Optimization Application Program Interface. Improve your website from the SEO marketing point of view. Improve your Page Ranking

Run multiple operating systems on one computer. Choose the right software for the job without having to install hardware.

Robust, Load Balancer, 24 /7 Intrusion Detection System, Private, Secure, Storage Area network, Periodic Back Up, Database Backup

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Search Engine Optimization Services

At the forefront of the latest Technological advances since 1995, we at ABT are proud of the development of our High End Internet Solutions. Understanding the demands of an ever changing industry has led us to develop comprehensive Search Engine Optimization Tools (SEO). Incorporating our Multimedia Solutions, Cloud Computing and Virtual Hosting Services while keeping in mind and following the demands of SEO, is central to utilizing multimedia and cloud computing as accessories to improving SEO; ensuring your business the competitive edge it needs to thrive on the Web. All too often the efficacy of the website is jeopardized by creating a site that may be too heavy, protracting load time, utilizing unnecessary graphics that detract from user friendliness and disregarding the importance of proper programming grammar. Ensuring a well built site with a keen understanding of the value of proper architecture is central to our focus. We adhere to all the requirements put forth by the Search Engines without sacrificing the vision you have for your website. There are many ways to achieve the goal you have set, without jeopardizing the quality of your site. Understanding the optimal way to achieve your intentions is where our Engineers are the most effective. We are not a cookie cutter template company. Our Websites, Servers, Hosting and Maintenance Programs are tailored to create and maintain a product that will exceed your expectations and allow you to thrive in a competitive environment. We continue to provide secure business transactions amid a host of products we develop to solve the unique needs of our clients. Call us today at 800-367-3414 at our Headquarters in New York.


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